Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards, Games, and Worksheets

Our Lowercase Alphabet flashcards  have every single one of the lowercase letters of the alphabet and corresponding cute illustrations to help kids remember the phonics sounds. And if that’s not enough, they also come with handy guides on how to form the letters.

We have the uppercase letters too!

After you practice the alphabet and phonics, we also have BINGO Cards, ESL/EFL Games, and Word Searches for more alphabet fun. Scroll down to see the words found in this set of lowercase alphabet flashcards as well as the various sizes and free supplementary activities.


Free Fun Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards and Worksheet Downloads

Our free lowercase alphabet flashcards are all you will need to teach the lowercase letters of the alphabet! The game cards, BINGO cards, and word search worksheets are the perfect follow-up to practicing with the flashcards. There are small, medium, and large sizes for both letter cards and cards with illustrations.

An alphabet song is also the ideal way to get warmed up for the class, for a review, or even just for fun!

Lowercase Alphabet Flashcards

Here’s a list of words that are in our flashcards and other materials:

apple, ball, cat, dog, elephant, fish, gorilla, hat, iguana, jump rope, koala, lion, milk, net, octopus, pig, queen, rabbit, sun, toys, umbrella, violin, witch, fox, yo-yo, zebra

Large Flashcards

Medium Flashcards)

 Small Flashcards

ESL/EFL Game Cards (Horizontal & Vertical Orientation)

Free ESL/EFL Games (BINGO & Snake Race)


Everyone loves BINGO, and with 10 different cards in the set, they’re great for small to medium-sized classes. For bigger classes, we like to have students circle 4 (or 5) of their favorite words and play BINGO as usual. If all the circled words are called, then the students can say “BINGO” even if their words aren’t in a line.

Snake Race is our original game like Snakes and Ladders, but easier. It’s great for ESL/EFL students, and you only need dice and place markers (like erasers or magnets). Just roll the dice, count as you move along the snake, and say the word you land on. If you’re lucky and land on a “Roll again” spot, you can try one more time. But if you’re unlucky, you might have to go back a couple of spaces.

Word Search Worksheets

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